Director’s desk

From the Director’s desk

Welcome to KC Group !

Aspiring engineers need hands-on experience and equipment to hone their skills. At KC Group, we strive to develop latest technologies to aid education, research and industrial growth. We are a one-stop solution provider for all their technological needs. Our clients, at KC Group, include engineering colleges, institutions and universities, Research & Development laboratories, equipment agents, industries using R&D and the like.

At KC, the norm is to raise the bar every time. We have state-of-the-art facilities and technological support to build assets that contribute to knowledge of budding technocrats.

For us, business is a long-term endeavour that’s reflected in our values, our vision and our client relationships. We believe in creating opportunities to achieve the extraordinary. As a full-fledged engineering equipment company, we offer diverse services including manufacturing, supplying, installation and after-sales.

An unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment to every job, makes our services and products truly world-class.

“At K.C. Group, we execute extraordinary scientific explorations.”


Teams don’t work without teamwork. So what’s teamwork? There are several ways to define it. The French, however, have a marvellous expression to describe it: esprit de corps. It means a sense of unity, of enthusiasm for common interests and responsibilities, as developed among a group of persons closely associated in a task, cause, enterprise, etc.

Teamwork is the glue which keeps a team together, a bond which promotes strength, unity, reliability and support.

Teamwork is also the oil that makes the team work. It can enable smoother movement towards targets, can prolong forward momentum, and can help teams to overcome obstacles.